The Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), the premier global financial hub in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia (MEASA) region, hosts the massive yearly Dubai FinTech Summit. There will be a greater desire for growth prospects in the region as expected by the attendance of over 8,000 global industry executives, more than 300 thought leaders, and more than 200 exhibitors to discuss the newest innovations and challenges as well as display cutting-edge technologies. at the 2nd edition of the Dubai FinTech Summit on May 6 and 7, 2024.

The crucial issues of innovation, inclusion, and impact within the financial services industry will be the focus of the 2024 Dubai FinTech Summit.
The 2nd edition 2024 Dubai FinTech Summit is expected to establish a worldwide standard for how governments and businesses handle financial innovation. It brings together prominent academics, decision-makers, and policymakers to exchange ideas and work on creating the frameworks, rules, and instruments needed to mould FinTech and finance’s future.
To register for the event, visit www.dubaifintechsummit.com

The 2nd edition Dubai Fintech Summit represents Dubai’s dedication to become a preeminent hub for fintech innovation and investment, and it is held under the distinguished patronage of H.H. Sheikh Maktoum Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, First Deputy Ruler of Dubai, Deputy Prime Minister, and Minister of Finance. The summit’s strategic objective, which is in line with the Dubai Economic Agenda D33, is to move Dubai up to the top four global financial hubs by 2033.

“The Summit Aligns With The Dubai Economic Agenda D33’S Strategic Goal Of Propelling Dubai Into The Ranks Of The Top Four Global Financial Hubs By 2033”
H.H. Sheikh Maktoum Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum
Deputy Ruler of Dubai, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, UAE

The business research and advisory firm Mordor research projects that the rapidly expanding global FinTech sector would be valued at USD 608 billion by 2029. Contrary to the general declining trend in the global market, the MENA FinTech market is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of more than 8% between 2024 and 2029.

Mohammad Alblooshi, CEO at DIFC Innovation Hub, said: “Nearly 60 per cent of all FinTech companies in the GCC are currently based in Dubai. With the industry growing at an unprecedented rate, it is crucial for stakeholders to gather and discuss the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. The Dubai FinTech Summit will bring together the most prominent figures in the industry, with an agenda that is aimed at driving innovation, inclusivity, and growth for all.”

DFS 2024, which brings together visionaries and experts in the sector, not only highlights Dubai’s status as a thriving fintech hub but also plays a part in influencing the direction of finance globally in the future. The summit stimulates innovation through cooperative efforts and progressive initiatives, enhancing Dubai’s position as a major player in the financial and technological spheres.

Entrepreneurs, financiers, and industry leaders will have a platform to network and take advantage of the growing FinTech industry in the region and globally at the Dubai FinTech Summit. According to data from dealroom.co, there are over 800 FinTech start-ups valued at USD15.5 billion in the MENA region, demonstrating a booming FinTech start-up and venture capital ecosystem. The key themes for this year are FinTech 2.0, Global Financial Dynamics, Investment Vanguard, Ecofina once and Impact, and Finance Renaissance. These themes represent the ongoing change of the financial sector, which is being driven by Innovation, Inclusion, and Impact.

The Dubai FinTech Summit 2024 (DFS 2024) is poised to expand upon the triumph of its 2023 edition. Conducted by the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), a pivotal entity in the financial domain, this summit offers a superb forum for global fintech executives.

More than 8,000 decision-makers, more than 300 thought leaders across five stages, and more than 200 exhibitors displaying cutting-edge technologies will be present at the summit’s second edition. Panel discussions and fireside talks will be held during the Dubai FinTech Summit, which has an excellent lineup of eminent local and international speakers.
The Dubai FinTech Summit 2024 offers a singular chance to investigate, interact with, and develop in the exciting field of financial technology. Attendees can anticipate a wide mix of events intended to inspire, educate, and advance the future of FinTech, from intimate Fireside Chats to thought-provoking Keynote Addresses.

A new wave of financial innovation, opportunity, change, and growth is heralded by the Dubai FinTech Summit for the global financial services industry. Dubai is leading the way in the financial services industry’s growth as a rising FinTech hub. From 2022 to 2030, FinTech investments are expected to expand at a 17.2% CAGR to USD949 billion. The summit is in line with the strategic objective of the Dubai Economic Agenda D33, which is to position Dubai as one of the top four global financial centres by 2033.

The goal of the second Dubai FinTech Summit edition is to promote cross-border collaboration and innovation, which are essential to revolutionising the global FinTech sector. This aligns with the D33 Agenda, which aims to establish Dubai as one of the top four global financial hubs by 2033. It offers a rare chance to investigate new FinTech developments and how they might advance financial development in the MEASA area.
With its central location, DFS 2024 hopes to become a hub for thousands of FinTech experts to network, exchange ideas, collaborate, and have conversations about the direction of technology and finance. The conference is about more than just connecting people; it’s about fostering important dialogues and partnerships that might completely change the fintech landscape globally.

A wide range of renowned speakers from around the globe will be featured at the Dubai FinTech Summit 2024, bringing a variety of viewpoints and specialties to the forefront of financial innovation. Several of the well-known speakers are included below:

His Excellency Essa Kazim: His Excellency Essa Kazim serves as the Governor of Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), Chairman of Borse Dubai, Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Legislation Committee, and member of the Dubai Supreme Fiscal Committee.
His Excellency Abdulla Bin Touq Al Marri: H.E. Abdulla Bin Touq Al Marri serves as UAE Minister of Economy, overseeing various key roles including Chairmanship of the General Civil Aviation Authority and UAE International Investors Council.
Bim Afolami MP: Bim Afolami MP has served as the Economic Secretary to the Treasury in the UK Government since November 13, 2023. He oversees financial services as the City Minister.
His Excellency Helal Saeed Al Marri: His Excellency Helal Saeed Al Marri serves as the Director General of Dubai’s Department of Economy and Tourism, also a member of the Executive Council and Director General of DWTCA.
Arif Amiri: Arif Amiri is the CEO of DIFC, UAE. He directs strategy and growth, propelling DIFC as a premier global financial hub in MEASA. His leadership drives innovation and excellence in the financial services sector.
His Excellency Salem Humaid Al Marri: His Excellency Salem Humaid Al Marri is the Director General at Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre in the UAE. He has over 15 years of experience shaping the success of UAE’s space programs. These programs include Mars missions, satellite programs, and astronaut initiatives.
Rob Schimek: Rob Schimek is the Group CEO of Bolttech in Singapore. He has over 30 years of experience in financial services. He leads global operations, fostering growth and partnerships. His former roles include leadership positions at FWD Group and AIG.
Salah Y. Al-Fulaij: Salah Y. Al-Fulaij serves as the CEO of the National Bank of Kuwait. He is dedicated to driving customer-centric financial solutions for growth. Additionally, he holds the position of Vice Chairman at NBK Capital.

The gathering of distinguished attendees highlights the Dubai FinTech Summit 2024 as an essential forum for influencing the direction of finance, encouraging cooperation, and propelling innovation throughout the sector.

The FinTech World Cup (FWC) Grand Finale will be a major attraction during the Dubai FinTech Summit. On Day 2 of the summit, the FinTech World Cup champions will be revealed, and the victors will receive an investment of up to $1 million USD. The competition is a growth-enabling programme by DFS that aims to promote exceptional innovation and cross-border collaboration—two factors that are essential to revolutionising the global FinTech industry.
Representatives from more than 20 elite investment management companies, including Blackrock, State Street, BNY Mellon, and Rothschild, will be present at the summit to further enhance the conversation. Their knowledge and experience will be invaluable in advancing conversations on investment opportunities, trends, and tactics in a world market that is always changing.

The conference is expected to be a hive of creativity and cooperation with over 40 FinTech unicorns and over 20 blockchain unicorns in attendance, including industry pioneers like Ripple, Revolut, Chainalysis, Fireblocks, and FNZ. With their cutting-edge technologies and innovative business strategies, these trailblazing companies have the potential to completely transform the financial sector.
The Dubai FinTech Summit 2024 provides a forum for stimulating dialogue, teamwork, and creativity with the shared goal of reshaping financial services in a way that is inclusive and dynamic. Leaders in technology, finance, and policy get together to have enlightening conversations and steer the sector in the right direction.

A vibrant interchange of ideas and insights is promised at the Dubai FinTech Summit 2024, propelling the development of finance in the digital age.
The Meeting: These sessions, which are divided into two halves called Plenary 1 and Plenary 2, are intended to feature high-level conversations and keynote speeches on the most important FinTech topics.
Stages of Innovation: These platforms, which have two Innovation Stages, Innovation Stages 1 and Innovation Stage 2, are designed to host talks and presentations focused on cutting-edge FinTech inventions and solutions.

The Dubai Fintech Summit 2024 is sponsored by a distinguished consortium of industry leaders. VISA is the Founding Partner & Co-Host, leading the charge. VISA is accompanied by influential partners, including Etisalat’s e& and Dyna.Ai, along with Emirates NBD, the Premium Banking Partner.
The Commercial Bank of Dubai provides strategic support, while Finvasia takes the helm as the Lead Sponsor. SEOUL stands as the Country Pavilion Partner, representing their nations. Notable Diamond and Platinum sponsors include mashreq, Ripple, and eToro, respectively, highlighting their commitment to advancing fintech solutions.

The Dubai Financial Market (DFM) contributes as a Gold Sponsor, amplifying the event’s significance within the financial sector. Genesis serves as the Mobility Partner, ensuring seamless mobility throughout the summit. This collective sponsorship underscores the Dubai Fintech Summit 2024 as a premier platform for collaboration and innovation in the realm of financial technology.
Whether your objective is to show off your skills, network, or remain current on trends, DFS 2024 guarantees a positive experience for all participants. Get ready to participate in this revolutionary event where opportunity and innovation collide.
Finvasia leads as the Lead Sponsor, with strategic support from the Commercial Bank of Dubai. Representing their countries, SEOUL is the Country Pavilion Partner. Mashreq, Ripple, and eToro are notable Diamond and Platinum sponsors, respectively, demonstrating their dedication to improving fintech solutions.

The event’s importance within the financial sector is increased by the contribution of the Dubai Financial Market (DFM), which serves as a Gold Sponsor. As the summit’s mobility partner, Genesis makes sure that everyone can move about easily. The joint sponsorship highlights the Dubai Fintech Summit 2024 as a leading forum for cooperation and creativity in the financial technology space.

As a strategic partner, Arab Monetary Fund (AMF) has joined the Dubai FinTech Summit (DFS), which is being arranged by Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), the top global financial centre in the MEASA area.
On May 5–6, 2024, AMF will hold the Eleventh Meeting of the Arab Regional FinTech WG. On May 7, 2024, there will be a workshop on formulating effective SupTech frameworks. Both activities will be held at Madinat Jumeirah in Dubai as part of the Dubai FinTech Summit.

About Dubai International Financial Centre
Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) is one of the world’s most advanced financial centres, and the leading financial hub for the Middle East, Africa and South Asia (MEASA), which comprises 72 countries with an approximate population of 3bn and an estimated GDP of USD 8trn.
With a close to 20-year track record of facilitating trade and investment flows across the MEASA region, the Centre connects these fast-growing markets with the economies of Asia, Europe and the Americas through Dubai.

DIFC is home to an internationally recognised, independent regulator and a proven judicial system with an English common law framework, as well as the region’s largest financial ecosystem of over 39,000 professionals working across over 4,900 active registered companies – making up the largest and most diverse pool of industry talent in the region.
The Centre’s vision is to drive the future of finance through cutting-edge technology, innovation, and partnerships. Today, it is the global future of finance and innovation hub offering one of the region’s most comprehensive FinTech and venture capital environments, including cost-effective licensing solutions, fit-for-purpose regulation, innovative accelerator programmes, and funding for growth-stage start-ups.

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Trescon is founded and managed by a group of specialists with more than 8 decades of combined expertise in successfully developing business events, trainings and consulting for corporates, governments, associations and high-net-worth individuals across the world. Our advisory board members comprise of an ever-growing exceptional mix of senior-level industry veterans and successful tech entrepreneurs.
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