Every year, World Tobacco Middle East is one of the most important exhibits in the Middle East. WT Middle East 2022 is a great opportunity for tobacco professionals to network with 5700 exhibitors from across the world, including producers, equipment purchasers, distributors, and merchants. World Tobacco 2022 Dubai is an excellent chance to bring together key tobacco industry executives, directors, R&D professionals, Plant managers, consultants, and specialists under one roof. World Tobacco 2022 is an excellent opportunity to increase brand exposure and extend your business portfolio.

In order to identify innovative developments in the tobacco sector, the World Tobacco Middle East 2022 expo provides an opportunity to get access to one of the largest marketplaces developing in Dubai. WT Middle East 2022 Dubai assists professionals in analysing comments from future and existing clients as well as establishing a robust network with major tobacco industry experts.

The most anticipated show in Dubai is World Tobacco 2022.  World Tobacco Middle East is the largest exposition and conference in the WT Events portfolio, which includes the world’s largest network of tobacco-related events, which annually attracts over 12,000 professionals.

If you want to find new smoking goods and experiment with fresh ideas, the World Tobacco 2022 show is the place to be. WT Middle East 2022 assists you in identifying new prospects and analysing the Dubai tobacco industry.

World Tobacco Middle East 2022 is an excellent venue for learning about the most recent tobacco machines and equipment. It also assists manufacturing experts in the tobacco business in meeting current clients and identifying future clients in the fields of adhesives, cigars, farm machinery, and print supplies.

Mazaya has over 100 flavours catering to different tastes which capture a broader scope of consumer’s preferences.

Premium shisha tobacco producer Mazaya had a beautiful immersive white lounge at the WT Show. The colorful vapes with actual fruits denoting the flavors available, was amazing.

When burning coal, carbon monoxide (CO) is released, which drastically changes the taste of the smoke and causes headaches. Ramsider’s electronic hookahs addressed this issue by providing high-quality performance from our state-of-the-art electronic heating element, which helps to stabilize the hookah’s temperature.

RAMSIDER Electronic Hookahs stations have a self-contained automated cleaning system. You don’t have to spend time and money on cleaning hookahs. No more hookah preparation staff are required – no more wasted space for hookah preparation. The ultimate RAMSIDER Automated Multi-Hookah Stations.

LEX tobacco company have created inhouse all tobacco products using world renowned tobaccos and the world’s most experienced tobacco blenders, was founded in 2019.

Vision Tobacco FZC (VT) is a subsidiary of Pan African Tobacco Group (PTG) and one of the biggest cigarette manufacturers in the UAE.
PTG has a solid heritage of managing tobacco operations from seed to smoke for over four decades. Continuing the PTG history, Vision Tobacco FZC (VT) began operations in 2005 and established its own production plant in 2007.

Vision Tobacco FZC (VT) is a company that manufactures and sells cigarettes and tobacco. The company has more than seven brands and 18 SKUs. The manufacturing of the company supplies West Africa and the Middle East region, and it is fast developing in Europe and America.

Vision Tobacco FZC (VT) provides end-to-end production capabilities ranging from tobacco processing to filter manufacture to cigarette manufacturing. It is the second firm in the UAE to have a full-fledged in-house facility with both main and secondary production departments. Vision Tobacco FZC (VT) attempts to meet consumer expectations by focusing on quality assurance.

Legacy Tobacco Brand International specialises in the creation of premium cigarettes and vapes that are suited to our customers’ likes and preferences.

LEGACY Tobacco, with headquarters in the UAE and Lebanon, provides high-quality tobacco goods and solutions throughout the MENA region, Eastern Europe, and Africa, providing best-in-class services anchored by a strong adult customer and consumer focus.

LEGACY Tobacco’s manufacturing facilities are completely automated and outfitted with cutting-edge tobacco processing and vape production technologies.

Join us for the largest gathering of tobacco professionals in the region
27 November: 09.00-19.00 | 28 November: 09.00 – 17.00
Dubai World Trade Centre