The Triumph of Faith Boutin

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Overcoming All Life’s Obstacles to Medal in the 2024 Los Angeles Marathon at 71!

She was sick and unable to workout for two weeks before the race. She was plagued by back, knee, and hip problems which prevented her from ever walking more than 10 miles in training. She was tortured by self-doubt, fearful she would humiliate herself and only complete a few miles in the race.

But Faith Boutin is the personification of DETERMINATION! Despite the injuries, she has trained diligently for the 2024 Los Angeles Marathon, often twice per day, walking and cycling on her own and doing martial arts and weightlifting with her trainer, the compassionate and caring Phillip Young Han, who has encouraged her at every step of her quest. During training, she is emotionally supported and fortified by her friends Dylan Ramsey, Justin Gomez, Sue Wong, Lisa Haisha, and Dr. Perry Nicassio.

On game day, she leaves the house at 4 AM; she is on the course for a tortuous 9 and ½ hours, but she never gives up, fighting for every mile! She is inspired along her journey by the continuous encouragement of her girlfriends Lisa Haisha, Muriel Roberts, and Daria Kabanchenko, who stay with her all the way by cell phone. In a testament to sheer will, she earns her T-shirt and medal!!! Her soulmate and walking and training strategist Murray Rosen and all of her friends are emotionally overwhelmed by her accomplishment! She has prevailed over every physical and psychological hardship to achieve her dream! But, does she rest? No, of course not, she sets her sights on the Paris Marathon on April 7, 2024, just 20 days after the LA Marathon! To accomplish both marathons in this time period would be a truly Herculean feat! Stay tuned for the continuing saga of Faith Boutin!