The Global AI Show is being held by VAP Group at the Grand Hyatt in Dubai from April 16–17, 2024. With over 300 speakers scheduled to take the stage in the largest AI exhibition space (12,000 sqm), Hanson Robotics’ official AI brand ambassador, Sophia the humanoid robot, will be among them. There will be around 300 speakers, including top-tier tech celebrities, providing an exceptional chance to learn about artificial intelligence.

Held under the Official Patronage of H.E. Omar Sultan Al Olama, Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy and Remote Work Applications, we bring you the Global AI Show, held on 16-17 April 2024 at the Grand Hyatt Dubai.

Opportunities for knowledge sharing will be presented by the expo through interactive workshops, project displays, and lively debates. Attendees will learn about the most recent developments, network with business leaders, and investigate career options in the quickly developing field of artificial intelligence. The conference would bring together leaders and professionals in their respective fields to talk about a wide variety of topics.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning thought leaders from across the world and in the area will talk about how these cutting-edge technologies may have an effect and open up new opportunities in industries including healthcare, banking, retail, and oil & gas at the Global AI Show.

H.E. Dr. Mohamed Al Kuwaiti, Head of Cyber Security for the UAE Government, is another well-known speaker at the Global AI Show. He will give a keynote speech on what it means to build a future with AI.

Jamie Metzl, a technology analyst, author, and geopolitical expert who has worked for the United Nations, the White House National Security Council, and the U.S. State Department, will also discuss the consequences of the revolutions in genetics, AI, and biotechnology at the event. Metzl’s book Hacking Darwin: Genetic Engineering and the Future of Humanity will be signed for attendees, and they will also receive an advance look at his next book Superconvergence: How the Genetics, Biotech, and AI Revolutions Will Transform Our Lives, Work, and World.

Metzl will be examining the possibilities of AI and genetic technology to transform human existence at the Global AI Show. He will talk on the advances in science and practical uses of genetic technology, providing fascinating insights into artificial intelligence and the next biological revolution.

“I am thrilled to be Headlining at the Global AI Show, the world’s premier event for artificial intelligence. AI and other revolutionary technologies are rapidly transforming every aspect of our world. Exploring what this means for each and all of us and how we can ride the wave of this change toward greater meaning and success must be all of our work,” said Jamie Metzl.

Superconvergence: How the Genetics, Biotech, and AI Revolutions Will Transform Our Lives, Work, and World is the highly anticipated new book by Metzl. In addition to discussing cutting edge AI applications and new developments, the Global AI Show will feature an exclusive sneak peek at the book. Metzl is hosting regional and international AI leaders to discuss these developments. A autographed copy of Metzl’s worldwide blockbuster Hacking Darwin: Genetic Engineering and the Future of Humanity will also be available to guests at the event.

Some names of industry giants as speakers- include Dr. Salim Al-Shuaili, Director, AI & Advanced Technologies Projects Unit, Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology – Oman; Ali Abdulla Al Sadadi, Chief of Information Technology, Ministry of Oil and Environment – Bahrain; Dr. Ebrahim Al Alkeem Al Zaabi, Director Digital Transformation – CyberSecurity – AI Expert, Government of Abu Dhabi (UAE); Tamer Hamed, Chief Information Officer, Dubai Cable Company (Ducab); Dr. Thierry Lestable, Chief Researcher, Technology Innovation Institute (TII); and other renowned personalities

During her keynote address at the Global AI Show, neuroscientist and medical futurist Dr. Divya Chander will take us on a journey from brain reading to brain writing to closed-loop brain machine interface systems.

“I am thrilled to be speaking at the Global AI Show in Dubai in the company of amazing speakers and colleagues and one of the fastest growing global AI hub.”

— Dr. Divya Chander

Neuroscience is at the forefront of brain deciphering, enabling unprecedented access to brain circuitry and visibility. Divya is at the vanguard of research into the ways in which modern and ancient technology might be used to plant false memories, interpret dreams and visions, and manipulate thinking. Her area of study is how advancements in science and medicine allow for the restoration and enhancement of function in paralysed individuals, paving the way for the use of the human mind to operate digital and robotic devices.

Additionally, AI enthusiasts and corporations will benefit from insightful talks given by industry specialists regarding AI issues, opportunities, and future trends. These discussions will also provide networking chances to interact with thought leaders and professionals in the AI field.

The first artificial intelligence (AI) humanoid robot in history, Sophia, is also delighted to serve as the official ambassador of the Global AI Show. Sophia is a shining illustration of the marvels of robotics and artificial intelligence, which are merging technology and humankind. Her attendance at the two events aims to motivate attendees with the seemingly endless potential of artificial intelligence and web3 technology.

On April 17, there will be an official awards ceremony at the Grand Hyatt in Dubai. The Global AI Awards honour trailblazers, inventors, and protectors who relentlessly push the envelope of possibility in the fields of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. They also aim to honour brilliance and innovation.

A start-up village will be available at the Global AI Show, giving entrepreneurs the opportunity to showcase their ground-breaking concepts, inventions, and technologies to venture capitalists, big tech, and investors. To act as an incubator for aspirational start-ups, a VAP Accelerator will be established. The Global AI Show will be organised with the goal of promoting involvement, cooperation, and inclusion in the blockchain and AI communities.

An afterparty at Atlantis, The Palm’s opulent White Beach will cap off the Global AI Show. The afterparty, which is being hosted by VAP Group, offers a special opportunity for business professionals and enthusiasts to interact, share ideas, create important contacts, consider possible partnerships, and unwind in a laid-back setting.

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VAP Group is the organizer of Global Blockchain Show and Global AI Show, extraordinary platforms poised to redefine the landscape of blockchain and AI technology respectively, offering dynamic gatherings where the brightest minds converge to unlock the potential of these transformative technologies.