The Sue Wong Fashion Show: An Artistic Onslaught of the First Order

The beads and sequins dazzled like stars shimmering in the moonlight as the Sue Wong Fashion Show commenced amid a pounding gothic beat, the highlight of the second annual Masquerade Ball for Michelle Long’s Avant Garde Magazine, held on October 29, 2016.

The music reached a crescendo and out walked a beautifully clad model in a glittering silver gown exquisitely complemented by her headdress and diaphanous shawl. Most of the models on this night were to follow her lead and wear translucent shawls that perfectly matched their respective gowns.

I loved the way the fringe on some of the dresses and shawls swished and played in the air as the models turned on the runway. The gowns were all fromWong’s private collection of gowns which harken back to the twenties and thirties of the last century, her beau ideal. She is inspired by the Jazz Age, Weimar Germany, and Old Hollywood. The beauteous gowns flowed past the viewer in every conceivable colour. I especially liked the burgundy, green, pink floral, fusha, and red gowns, although the last wedding gown in white with its flowing art deco beads was just as stunning – the model for that creation wore an elaborate feathered headdress and angel wings. Some other standout designs included a velvet and chiffon spaghetti-strapped gown in burgundy with flowers also in chiffon on the fish tale designs of the skirt; this design also featured an elaborate black feathered headdress and black and burgundy epaulettes for the shoulders. Another burgundy gown also held my attention – this with a matching headdress of flowers and swirls of beads that flared out into a full skirt. Then entered a green and yellow spaghetti strap gown with a flared skirt and gold neck piece that seemed to enclose the model’s lovely neck – of course this was paired with a matching headdress and green shawl. Every design had that Sue Wong touch and reflected beau monde, the world of high fashion.

The models pranced out in graceful splendor to display and amazing 64 of Sue Wong’s designs, all replete with striking headdresses by Maritza Regalado for Atzi Designs, some of which were so ornate they covered the model’s face. Incidentally, Wong coaches all her models to perfection, and they all walk with a certain pride and seem to exude Wong’s everlasting mantra of Beauty, Magic, and Transformation. Indeed, one might posit that every woman who wears a Sue Wong gown feels their power and is herself transformed and enheartened.

Adding to all this glamour were accessories by Michelle of Aunt Funky’s Closet, Inc. and jewels by PK Bijoux’s Couture. Sue Wong intoned, “These accessories and jewels perfectly complemented my beautiful retro gowns,” and then went on to say, “I think I blew a few minds tonight! I was delighted that everyone was just knocked out by the show and that my models performed beautifully. Of course I could not have made the show happen without the help of my two passionate emissaries of fashion, D’ Jesus Trujillo and Joaquin Flores, whose sourcing skills and assistance proved invaluable in the production of the show.

Sue Wong has been in the fashion business for forty years designing dresses and evening gowns. She has also designed furnishings for special clients and has both a line of beauty products featuring a shower gel and a body cream and a sought after eponymous Sue Wong parfum. Wong started her evening collection on the eve of the new millennium and it took off with a harmonizing gallop which has continued to gain steam with celebrities and socialites alike.

Her designs may be found in upscale stores like Neiman Marcus, Saks, and Nordstrom, to name a few. Her creations have been worn by celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Minnie Driver, Ann Hathaway and Jessica Biel, among others. Her designs have couture sensibility but affordable prices and so she is known as everywoman’s couturier. As an extra added touch, Wong often uses French accouterments such as soutache and paillettes, embroidered and very delicate elements added onto a dress or a gown. 

For this event, Ms. Wong wore a tiered black organza opera coat steeped in personality, which she described as “epic and dramatic at the same time.” It even had a train that gracefully swept the floor, beneath which was a wide fish tail skirt, with chiffon petals around its bottom. Of course, following the theme of the masquerade ball and the fashion show, Wong also wore a dramatic headdress with jewels dripping down onto her forehead.

Celebrity guests attending the event included Alexandrina Doheny, Jo Hilton, Dr. Mac Morez, Dr. Mara Chindris, Vida Ghaffari, and Larry Namer. Celebrity models in Sue Wong’s show were Eugenia Kuzmina and Ava Capra. 

The show concluded with a model in a white art deco wedding gown who looked like she was doing a prayer. Perhaps it was addressed to Aprohdite, Wong’s favourite goddess, who most certainly was giving her blessings to the show from on high.

Sue Wong has expanded her design universe and vortex of creativity into the arenas of Home, Lifestyle, Architecture, Interiors, and Furnishings. 

Speacial kudos go out to Michelle Long for throwing such a lovely fete.