The competitions of the 2021 Winston Churchill Polo Cup was held at the luxurious Al Habtoor Polo and Equestrian Club and Resort. There were total of four teams who participated, the Emirates, Al Habtoor, Bin Drai and Hesquith Mahra, with 10 joule handicap.

“There will be a series of the high-level competitions for the polo championships, with a steady growth in tournaments, both quantitatively and qualitatively, and coordination with all local and Arab clubs and teams, remarked Mr. Mohammed Al Habtoor, The President of the Polo Association.

With four teams vying for the cup, each team with their tactics won against their opponent, and for the finale match, Bin Drai Polo vs Habtoor Polo, it was BIN DRAI who won the final game. From Bin Drai Polo team, it was Adrian Laplacette who scored the ultimate goal during the first chukker.

Raúl Laplacette from Bin Drai team scored the first goal, as Habtoor Polo team played skilfully defensive from the second chukka onwards, attempting to block the opponent’s efforts to win, maintaining to hold Bin Drai team back.

The climax was when Justo Cuitino from Habtoor Polo, scored to tie the game 1-1, in the last 30 seconds of the penultimate chukker.

At this time, Bin Drai team got aggressive and tricked Habtoor Polo team in the last chukka, scored continuous series of goals, outscoring those 3-1, and dramatically took the victory at 4 goals to 1, to seal the victory, as Bin Drai team claimed the trophy, the undisputed champs throughout the tournament.

At the Subsidiary Final, the Hesketh/Mahra team played against UAE Polo team. The Bin Drai Polo team took its third trophy and gave no chance to its opponent to beat them.

The Official Season Sponsor of Al Habtoor Polo Resort and Club was International Free Zone Authority (IFZA), and Martin Pedersen, Chairman of IFZA gave out the awards to the teams of the day. The Most Valuable Player was awarded to Khalid bin Drai, while Estrella, ridden by Juanji Diaz Alberdi was the Best Playing Pony.

Martin Pedersen stated, “It is IFZA’s long term vision and commitment to contribute to the growth of Dubai – not just economy-wise, but more importantly, in the wider sense of this being a world-class city to live in. Polo and other sporting events are important platforms for us to prove our commitment as they allow us to gather people from different backgrounds in a common experience that champions the spirit of excellence.”

I stopped by at the Bentley lounge for a glass of champagne and met my old royal buddies, the loyal Bentley owners, and what a sight to see the fleet of Bentley cars.

Maison D’Vie with their own lounge for their special guests showcased their new collection, with drinks being served and finger foods. I did get to watch the polo match from here and continued with their after party till late evening.

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