After a long day at work, closed a $150 million dollar deal, driving in your Bugatti to your opulent heavenly abode, the penultimate BURJ BINGHATTI JACOB CO RESIDENCES, to celebrate with your loved ones, have LOUIS XIII and enjoy the panoramic views of Dubai, about 400 meters high, 104th level.

The BURJ BINGHATTI JACOB CO RESIDENCES, the world’s tallest and opulent  tower residences of more than 110 storeys, is a magnanimous gift to Dubai. For this largest and opulent architectural and horological design based project in the UAE, Jacob & CO has partnered with Binghatti – an Emirati property development company in Dubai, to transcend boundaries never believed possible.

Jacob & Co well known for their opulent and dramatic watches and jewellery – and with their brand philosophy and strong mission statement of ‘making the impossible reality,’ and Mr. Jacob has challenged himself to succeed in the opulent real state sector. The BURJ BINGHATTI JACOB CO RESIDENCES is the exuberant hyper-modern skyscraper and is ‘inspired by the impossible’ like all their creations and a phenomenal architectural and excellent design luxury feat the world has never seen before.

Uniting their rich heritage, iconic architectural and horological codes, the super power brands Binghatti and Jacob & Co introduce their ultra-luxury Dubai skyscraper. Burj Binghatti Jacob & Co Residences explores the combined ingenious design languages of Binghatti and Jacob & Co. Speaking with one voice, they unfold distinct exterior silhouettes that speak to the design ethos of both internationally recognized brands.

Muhammad Binghatti with Jacob Arabo

The design for the tower is the genius ingenius work of Jacob Arabo, the founder of Jacob & Co and a renowned diamond and watch designer. The amalgamation of ingenuity and refinement are the hallmarks of this ground breaking architectural masterpiece. Featuring stylized elements and dimensions found in Jacob & Co’s scrupulous watchmaking process that are both highly aesthetic and constructive.

The hypertower has gone beyond remarkable architectural and horological achievements, full of unparalleled pioneering technological solutions and adorned with incomparable finishing techniques inspired by Jacob & Co’s horological and design philosophy.

Jacob Arabo with Muhammad Binghatti

“Today marks the significant partnership of two like-minded brands, both on an ever-striving pursuit of absolute elegance. Both our brands are born from the sheer desire to achieve what breaks boundaries. What Binghatti has done in real estate, by creating a brand through a distinct design philosophy and architectural identity is very similar to what Jacob & Co has done in the world of jewelry and horology”, says Muhammad Binghatti, CEO & Head of Architecture of Binghatti.

 “We took inspiration from the complex horological movements that beat in Jacob & Co timepieces and we integrated them into the key elements of the tower. The diamond-shaped spires sitting at the peak of the tower are reminiscent of an actual crown, an ornament of unique finesse inspired by the design of Jacob & Co’s finely cut gems. This is the apex of the luxury narrative in this evocative construction, a signature feature that add further grandeur to the city’s skyline.” adds Muhammad Binghatti.

Burj Binghatti Jacob & Co Residences creates a new term in upper-crust real estate: hypertower. Opening a new era in uber-luxury living, this unparalleled skyscraper aims to set a record as one of the tallest residential constructions in the world. In a great leap upwards, it stands opulently in the heart of Dubai’s most eminent financial district, Business Bay.

Your kids will be lucky, as they can touch the stars, and you can propose to your future wife, in the clouds, closer to the moon, maybe just kiss it.

The proposed design comprises over 100 stories that are made of lavish two-bedroom and three-bedroom residences, prices start at an amazing Dh8 million ($2.1 million). This jewel of a building features unique designs co-signed by and co-designed in the recognizable style of watchmaking and jewelry brand Jacob & Co and leading Dubai-based developer Binghatti.

“This collaboration is a new way for us to apply our motto: “Inspired by the impossible”. It’s a commitment to break boundaries and push past limits. Our driving force is ingenuity and originality. It leads us to design jewels, watches, and now a hypertower, unlike anything the world has seen before.

“Burj Binghatti Jacob & Co Residences is an unprecedented achievement in the world of real estate and luxury, not to mention the watch and jewelry industry,” Jacob Arabo, Chairman, Founder, and Creative Director of Jacob & Co.

Inspired by the aesthetics of fine watchmaking and jewelry, Burj Binghatti Jacob & Co Residences’ tower design is reminiscent of the meticulously cut gemstones that Jacob & Co. is known for. The residential units are divided into two categories: the Sapphire Collection consists of two-bedroom units, and the Emerald Suites Collection consists of three-bedroom units.

Commenting on the occasion, Muhammad BinGhatti, CEO and Head of the Architectural Division at Binghatti said: “The launch of the Burj Binghatti Jacob & Co Residences tower is a new landmark for the urban scene in Dubai, which is home to the tallest tower in the world.”

“Burj Binghatti Jacob & Co Residences” embodies the innovative design tenors shared by Binghatti and Jacob & Co. The two partners speak the same, revealing distinct exterior silhouettes that talk to the design spirit of both world-renowned brands.

Jacob Arabo with Muhammad Binghatti

“We are inspired by the complex watch movements that excelled in Jacob & Co. watches and incorporated them into the main elements, such as embodying the diamond-shaped peaks present at the top of the tower.”

“This is the pinnacle of luxury design in this remarkable building, and it is a unique feature that adds more luxury to the skyline of the Emirate of Dubai” added Binghatti.

The first-of-its-kind collaboration between the two brands aims to combine their rich heritage and exceptional expertise in the real estate and watchmaking industries. Materials, details and finishes were conceived and designed in collaboration with Jacob & Co designers who apply the highest attention to details to a new and unprecedented scale and height.

“Inspired from our high watchmaking collections, these penthouses will consist of three types, each named after our flagship Jacob & Co timepieces Fleurs De Jardin, Astronomia and Billionaire. The interior design of the penthouse collection will be directly inspired by their unique aesthetics. It is clear that the Billionaire’s Penthouse is the crown jewel of the integrated tower. As suggested by the name, the Billionaire Penthouse is the hyper tower’s jewel in the crown.” says Jacob Arabo, Chairman and Creative Director of Jacob & Co.

Burj Binghatti Jacob & Co Residences includes multiple levels dedicated to such amenities as an infinity pool overlooking the entire Dubai skyline, a luxury spa and a gymnasium. This hypertower also houses a dedicated concierge team, offering à la carte services such as daycare, bodyguard, chauffeur and private chef.  Burj Binghatti Jacob & Co Residences, redefines the notion of a luxuriant contemporary lifestyle in the metropolis, offering impeccable, high-end bespoke living exclusively fashioned for the elite.

In a symbolic reunion of words and facts, the top of Burj Binghatti Jacob & Co Residences harbors five of the most luxurious and exclusive penthouses in Dubai. Floating on top of the world, they offer boundless views of the city’s skyline, including Down-town and the Dubai Water Canal.

Burj Binghatti Jacob & Co Residences hypertower is also home to an exclusive private club, featuring an extensive infinity pool. Its luxury amenities include a vast lounge as well as a private event area reserved for Jacob & Co. Materials, details and finishings are conceptualized and designed in collaboration with Jacob & Co’s designers whose attention to detail is being applied on a new, unprecedented scale and height.

Jacob further remarks, “This magnificent structure represents the aspirations of humans to reach for the stars. This Hyper Tower is the new word that has been coined for the planning of this colossal tower within a prime address in Dubai.”

For the luxury connoisseurs and aficionados, Jacob & Co will also be offering exclusively curated timepieces and jewelry, most of which are limited edition or unique pieces, that clients can purchase along with their residence/s.

For Burj Binghatti to become the world’s highest residential tower, it has to exceed the 472m height of the current record-holder, New York’s Central Park Tower, which has 98 above-ground storeys, along with three basement storeys. Currently, the tallest residential tower in Dubai, the Princess Tower, stands at 393m.  

Jacob Arabo with Muhammad Binghatti