In an unexpected and exhilarating move, Alessandro Michele has revealed his inaugural collection for Valentino, marking the commencement of a new era for the storied Roman maison. Titled “Avant le Débuts,” the Valentino Cruise 2025 collection serves as a tantalizing prelude to Michele’s full creative direction, seamlessly interweaving his distinctive aesthetic with the rich heritage of Valentino.

Mere months after his appointment, Michele has orchestrated a sartorial symphony that pays homage to the house’s illustrious past while boldly charting its future. The collection, comprising an impressive 170 looks, is a testament to Michele’s prodigious creativity and his profound reverence for Valentino Garavani’s legacy.

Drawing inspiration from the iconic “White Fashion Show” of 1968, Michele has crafted a collection that exudes refinement and elegance. The designs evoke a sense of timeless sophistication, reinterpreting archival elements through a contemporary lens. Michele’s signature maximalist approach is evident, yet masterfully tempered to align with Valentino’s codes of luxury and opulence.

The collection showcases Michele’s talent for complex compositions, elevating his penchant for extravagance through meticulous craftsmanship and sumptuous materials. Delicate ruching and voluminous ruffles impart a sense of ethereal grace, while subtle nods to various decades of Valentino’s history create a rich tapestry of references.

Michele’s approach to gender fluidity, a hallmark of his previous work, is seamlessly integrated into the Valentino aesthetic. The result is a collection that feels both familiar and revolutionary, challenging conventions while respecting the house’s DNA.

“This is a beginning born out of love,” Michele expressed, emphasizing the collaborative spirit that infused the collection’s creation. His decision to unveil the collection ahead of schedule underscores a commitment to transparency and shared creativity within the fashion industry.

As the fashion world eagerly anticipates Michele’s full debut with the upcoming Spring/Summer 2025 collection, this Cruise offering serves as a captivating overture. It heralds a new chapter for Valentino—one that promises to be defined by Michele’s unique vision, a celebration of the house’s heritage, and an unwavering dedication to exquisite craftsmanship and beauty.