Philipp Plein unveiled his RESORT 2025 collection in an intimate setting at his house in the South of France, a daring choice that perfectly defines his brand’s attitude. The German designer, famed for his grandiose displays, took a more intimate approach this season.

“What we like about this is the intimacy we get with clients, a few selected people coming to our home,” Plein explained. “When you do something bigger like we do in Milan, some people complain because they get lost in the crowd and don’t get to take a picture or talk, but this is the exact opposite.”

Philipp Plein’s RESORT 2025 collection exudes a high-octane mix of sumptuous opulence and rock ‘n’ roll sass, paying homage to the extravagant glamour of the Monaco Grand Prix and the frenzied thrill of Hollywood’s star-studded film culture. Plein’s iconic cocktail dress, a showstopper of dazzling crystals and a sensuous plunging neckline, provides a tantalising glimpse of the collection’s brash confidence and the designer’s bold vision.

Philipp Plein is renowned for his bold and audacious designs, and the RESORT 2025 collection continues this legacy. The collection is a masterful blend of opulence, rock ‘n’ roll, and irreverence that appeals to the Plein devotee. Let’s take a closer look at the key highlights of the collection:

The collection was inspired by an unusual combination: the Monaco Grand Prix and vintage flicks. Plein picked racing as the motif to correspond with the renowned event taking place nearby. “People come to the South of France for the race and for film, so we said that’s a nice combination,” he noted.

Throughout the presentation, there were clear cinematic inspirations. The renowned musical “Grease” inspired the hairstyles, which used a lot of hairspray and gel. The music included John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John’s songs “Summer Nights” and “You’re the One That I Want.” Another important inspiration was the Johnny Depp film “Cry-Baby,” which perfectly matched Plein’s characteristic bad-boy camp image.

The collection’s focal point was a short dress embellished with crystal flames, which was joined by a longer version and matching clutch bags. Plein proudly displayed the handiwork, saying, “This dress is completely made of single stones, it took a week to get it done.” The mini dress is to retail for around $35,000, underlining the luxury positioning of the brand.

Other noteworthy items were a garment wrapped in crystal chains and a silk dress emblazoned with an all-over flame design, emphasizing the collection’s fiery motif.

Plein noted that these shows, done twice a year (once at his Bel Air house over Oscars weekend), allow him to distil his collections down to their most unique parts, focusing entirely on womenswear. “When I started in fashion 26 years ago, we did men’s fashion week and women’s separately, very traditionally, but then we started to mix them up and it was successful,” he reflected.

The designer stated that womenswear is a rising section for his company. While admitting the current trend of “very sporty looks” in women’s design, Plein, ever the contrarian, is betting on evening wear, namely dresses. “Glamour” is the operative word for this collection, which provides a counterbalance to the current casual trends.

This RESORT 2025 collection exemplifies Philipp Plein’s ability to produce attention-grabbing, expensive pieces while retaining a personal relationship with his customers. Plein has created a collection that is both relevant and timeless by combining the thrill of racing with the fascination of classic film, establishing his status as a provocateur in the world of high fashion.