One pixel for man, One giant metaverse for mankind.

— Aly Raza Beig, founder of BoredPuma

Entrepreneurs have a never die, never give up attitude, survive and achieve your vision, be aggressive, attack for your vision.

At a private event at the elegant La Ville hotel at CItywalk, Dubai, the Creative studio BOREDPUMA launched the NFT fashion collection, called the Celestial Collection with the Dubai-based retail company Splash Fashions, part of the Landmark Group. On 23rd June 2022, It’s All In A Day “IAIAD” fashion show was powered by BOREDPUMA, at the mesmerizing Infinity Des Lumieres, the Region’s Largest Immersive Digital Art Centre. 

Aly Raza Beig, founder of BoredPuma, – MR.PUMA

Narrating about the start of his journey back in May 2020, when BOREDPUMA approached SPLASH FASHIONS for collaboration for their innovative and disruptive NFT Fashion idea and got rejected by SPLASH FASHIONS, this Puma got more energized and aggressive. After being rejected, ofcourse patience and perseverance is a virtue, to attack at the correct moment, time. The second time, gave it major rewards and recognition. The Puma is Mr. Aly Raza Beig, Founder and CEO of BOREDPUMA, the entrepreneur, a very hi talented and sharp entrepreneur with a charming smile. In October 2021, a group of Gen-Z creatives, who called themselves BoredPuma were given their first opportunity to design a collection for Splash Fashions. “We were completely intrigued by this opportunity. This was our golden opportunity for our artists to show off their creative talents… but this was also the first project where we had complete creative freedom.”

Mr. Raza Beig – CEO of Splash

Mr. Puma narrated about the concept shown to Splash, “We went back and forth about how this collaboration would cease to exist — and then the day finally came… They gave us the ‘Go’ to start working on a collection that would be aimed at the youth and brings together concepts of fashion, anime and sustainability.”

“We created characters for them, that had their own personalities — inspired by mangas and animes. Splash was extremely impressed by what we had developed; we were set to launch an IRL [in real life] collection which would be deployed in 200 stores across 13 countries. The best part… the clothing collection is 100% sustainably produced; using eco-friendly fabrics and sustainable production practices.” However, we envisioned more than just a clothing collection, we wanted to build an everlasting brand, ‘The Celestial Collection”.

The next part — Pitching the idea of an NFT collection to Splash Fashions

Our main focus was to build a fashion brand that is aimed at the youth — but BoredPuma’s vision saw further than that; an idea where all creative minds from every field can come in and contribute.

Taking inspiration from ‘Spiderman’ and how Marvel built a multiverse brand around it — we decided to decode everything they’ve done and we wanted to add additional utility whilst creating our own version of a ‘metaverse’ brand.

BORED PUMA was formed and launched in 2019, fresh from college with Mr. Puma’s team mates, with the goal of bringing together ideas, artists, and the latest technology. After Mr. Puma Aly’s narration, Mr. Raza Beig – CEO of Splash, reiterated rejecting the idea, and the 2nd time, the celebrations are on, at the global success it has achieved, it’s truly phenomenal. BOREDPUMA are the youngest marketing agency in the region that also operates within the cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, non-fungible tokens (NFT) space and they look forward to progressing into virtual worlds and the Metaverse.

Boredpuma, is the first company to release an NFT collection in the region and their aim is to bring together artists, visionary ideas, evolving technology, and the virtual world. The first ever NFT collection and collaboration of its kind in the Middle East, The Celestial Collection is signifying the future of NFTs, the metaverse, and beyond, merging fashion and environment consciousness.

Splash fashions is an award-winning, sustainability-focused, and futurist fashion company, was perfectly suited to be the ideal collaborator for the project, fusing technology and fashion-driven art.

The concept art created by Jong Sacil, is an amazing virtual collection, features concepts of sustainability and fashion, featuring the mask of a ‘puma’ – the artwork will signify the collaborative efforts to then develop future characters for the Metaverse. The Celestial Collection is comprised of characters whose designs represent the celestial bodies in our universe, and are inspired by the elements; the sun, moon, planets, stars, constellations, and more. Symbolizing the graphic elements and featuring a Y2K aesthetic, character designs pull inspiration from mangas and anime. The samurai sword expresses each characters’ personal identity with compelling artwork and unique designs.

The masks acting as the symbolic trait that combines fashion with ‘Gen2’ Puma Punks, will inspire future projects within the collection, including the 3D avatars, moving the collaborations into the Metaverse.

Members will gain access to benefits including a digital access card, which allows entrance into the inner circle of fashion shows, future projects, and the ability to mint and purchase during pre-sale, purchasing from this NFT collaboration. All NFT collection holders will be given a Discord ‘Splash’ badge and will be able to rank up by being an active member to reach the OG rank of ‘Celestial’. 

Bored Puma represents the perfect platform for the award-winning Splash fashion agency, which focuses on fusing fashion, technology and art.

The Boredpuma X Splash collaboration plans in the future to include 3D card collections, game development, a fully developed and semi-dystopian storyline, “The Celestials”, as well as an immersive audio and visual experience which will feature original soundtracks and elements completely unique to the Celestial Collection. 3D environments, 3D character creation, and VR characters will all become part of this collection’s world – this is only the beginning. The exciting future project will bring together 3D environments and virtual worlds to create a truly immersive experience. The collaboration demonstrates the potential of the metaverse and Web 3.0 technologies to create transformative customer experiences.

Paul Lafaille – Marketing Head of BOREDPUMA

The evening continued with meeting some amazing guests, superb uplifting music, delicious starters, beer and wine.

GB with Mr. PUMA