Ammo: amo*

As we arrived at the Ammo Café in Hollywood, with this writer in a salivary frenzy of anticipation, we were immediately greeted enthusiastically at the door by the affable host of the restaurant, Julian Black. How often does that happen in life! This propitious beginning was indeed a harbinger of good things to come. As we awaited the arrival of our friend, up and coming actor Dylan Ramsey, we studied the menu under the tutelage of the knowledgeable Mr. Black, who has been eating with delight in the restaurant since his childhood. We decided to embark on a variegated culinary adventure, ordering soup, salad, vegetables, and pizza, as well as an extra-special dessert, and we were not disappointed in any of our choices.

Our server Todd accommodated our every whim. Every detail was in place. The house water was filtered and therefore drinkable, most unusual in a restaurant, and the bread was varied and flavorful. The design of the restaurant is minimalist, as the focus here is on food, as it should be. One should be prepared to splurge a little, and this, as we found out, is the place to do it and enjoy it.

Every dish we ordered was vegetarian, and immediately devoured upon arrival by our party en masse; such behavior should suffice as our commentary. The vegetable dish was particularly extraordinary, and I have an idea that is not an unusual occurrence. I must confess that I took more than my fair share of that not so little item.

What we ordered is almost irrelevant, because everything here is prepared with thought, effort, care, and flair, and with those ingredients one can hardly be disappointed. An eater of my intensity can only offer his instantaneous gut-level reaction and here is mine: Ammo is the perfect restaurant for these times, with its emphasis on freshness, creativity, and change. The food, fresh from local farms and often organic, is creatively prepared and presented, and new delights appear frequently, making each trip to the restaurant an adventure in good taste.

Perhaps Mr. Black summed it up best when I asked him upon arrival what’s good to eat tonight: “Everything!” I concur.

LOCATION 1155 N Highland Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038 View Map • View Website

* amo in Latin means “I Love!”