What a charismatic summer evening at the magical METATERRACE, DIFC, Dubai, for the DANI ALVES NFT collection launch, which was partnered with Dubai-based ColossalBit and British luxury watchmaker Backes & Strauss.

Spanning his 22 years career with 6 major football clubs, footballer Dani Alves launched 43 luxury timepieces and their NFTs to commemorate every major trophy he won, unveiled alongside fractionalized, premium, and regular NFT variants of the same. (

In the words of Dani Alves, “This collection is to celebrate the 43 wonderful memories of each trophy I won so far in my footballing career. Starting with Bahia in Brazil in 2002 and finishing with the unique Olympic gold medal at the Tokyo Games in 2021. I am personally inviting you to be part of my history – choose the watch that brings you the most vivid memories of these 43 different victories.”

The globally renowned ColossalBit, now Dubai-based, is a highly reputed consulting, advisory, design, and development company for WEB3, blockchain, NFTs and metaverse, the main host of the event, partnered with watchmaker Backes & Strauss to  create the DANI ALVES NFT timepieces.

“The metaverse revolution has found a true champion in Dani Alves. He brings with him the same energy, charisma, and persona that he brought on the pitch. The overwhelming response to this NFT drop testifies to the promise that blockchain and associated applications hold. We are glad to be at the forefront of NFT, metaverse, crypto, and Web3 technologies and their development in the Middle East and beyond,” said Christian Chalfoun, co-founder & CTO, ColossalBit and MetaTerrace, who was also a speaker at NFT NYC 2022. Adding further, he said “We are honoured to collaborate with him and Backes & Strauss … as they kick off their NFT journey at MetaTerrace. It’s an exciting moment for the world of crypto and Dubai as a launchpad,”.

Vartkess Knadjian, CEO of Backes & Strauss and his son graced the event. “This is one of the most exciting projects Backes & Strauss has ever embarked on. This is a truly exciting day for Backes & Strauss. As an avid football fan, I have followed Dani’s career closely and we are confident that his personality and flair will help us develop and promote exquisite timepieces celebrating his fantastic achievements.” said Backes & Strauss CEO Vartkess Knadjian. “Growing up in Ethiopia, I developed a love for the beautiful game, becoming a lifelong supporter of Manchester United.”

Dignitaries Sheikh Ahmed bin Sultan bin Khalifa Al Nahyan and Burak Özdemir, better known as CZN Burak, a Turkish chef and restaurateur graced the event.

Dani Alves, a Brazilian footballer known for his amazing period at Football Club Barcelona, is Daniel Alves da Silva. To his credit, Dani Alves has commendable performance achievements with over 43 trophies and over 1,000 professional games, with phenomenal achievements in contemporary football, not even champion football player Messi has matched it. Dani strategically plays at the right-back position, a hard core defender.

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Backes & Strauss to commemorate the Dani Alves Trophy Watch Collection, turn it into an NFT drop, and launch it here at MetaTerrace,” Ciro Arianna, the co-Founder and CEO of ColossalBit & MetaTerrace.

British luxury watchmaker Backes & Strauss (B&S) established in 1789, launched the Alves Trophy Collection comprising of 43 exquisite timepieces to celebrate his phenomenal career, and the collection commemorated every trophy Dany Alves won, that spanned 22 years with 6 major football clubs and his national team, what a exceptional professional career.

Dany won his first major trophy with football club Bahia, later he moved to Barcelona, Juventus and PSG, and with the Brazil National Team he won the  Tokyo Olympics Gold.

“Footballers do not come bigger than Dani Alves, who, at 38, continues to defy age with supreme athleticism. We are honoured to collaborate with him and Backes & Strauss, a diamantaire who boasts unparalleled craftsmanship and pedigree, as they kick off their NFT journey at MetaTerrace. It’s an exciting moment, for the world of crypto and Dubai as a launchpad,” said Christian Chalfoun, Co-Founder and CTO of ColossalBit.

Séan Garnier, the French world champion freestyle footballer, performed live with Dani Alves at MetaTerrace, as both juggled the football with their legs, the stunts, twists they performed, was just fantastic as the guests cheered, in collaboration with Ex Sports.

It was time for Dani Alves, he explored the metaverse, inside his NFT VR room reside, now open for all his diehard fans, football game followers and NFT holders.

Metaverse, a night meta lounge is a themed open air lounge restaurant, situated at the Central Park Towers, DIFC, Dubai. METATERRACE is perfect for the Dubai nightlife lovers. At the Metaterrace, when seated, the views of the Burj Khalifa dazzles you, while sipping on beverages and enjoying with friends.