At the entry way to this remarkable supper club, two massive sumo sculptures kneel in the traditional “sonkyo” stance, expressing reverence and tradition. As visitors approached, they are greeted by these larger-than-life characters, laying the groundwork for a gastronomic experience steeped in the riches and authenticity of Japanese culture. The sumo sculptures provide a dramatic and unforgettable greeting, enticing guests to enter inside and experience the delectable flavours and friendly hospitality that await them.

Upon entering, your attention is immediately drawn to the room’s magnificent, one-of-a-kind light display that spans the whole ceiling. The sculptural light feature, built with floral motifs in jute fabric and natural wood, is the focal point of the entire space.

The transformation of a sprawling 6000 square foot space into an enchanting dining experience is a testament to meticulous research and a deep appreciation for the rich cultural tapestry of Asia. The venue is divided into two distinct yet harmonious settings: a verdant, biophilic outdoor area and a warm, earthy indoor dining space.

The restaurant’s outdoor area is a masterfully designed sanctuary that transports guests to the enchanting atmosphere of a conservatory-style outdoor dining room. The space is adorned with a biophilic-inspired metal enclosure module, seamlessly blending natural elements with modern design. This innovative feature creates an intimate and inviting ambiance, transforming the outdoor area into a lush oasis where patrons can relax and savor their meals amidst the perfect harmony of nature and sophistication. Always a good idea to sit outdoors and have a cigar, malt with pan asian seafood preparations.

Every design element and niche within the space has been thoughtfully crafted to encapsulate the warmth and vibrancy that characterize Asian culture. The result is an inviting atmosphere that seamlessly blends contemporary design with an authentic representation of the region’s heritage, offering patrons a truly immersive dining experience that delights the senses and celebrates the beauty of Asian culture. Yazu’s inception was driven by the vision of creating a space that not only resonated with contemporary demands but also provided an immersive experience of exotic Asian flavors.

This vision was brought to life by the dynamic handsome trio – Atul Chopra, co-founder, Ranbir Nagpal, CEO, and Gurmeet Arora co-founder, Yazu,( L to R) who together sought to create a modern, global atmosphere that showcases the best of Pan Asian cuisine.

The founders’ commitment to delivering a unique dining experience is evident in every aspect of Yazu, from the thoughtfully designed interiors to the expertly crafted menu. Their dedication has made Yazu a prominent destination for food enthusiasts seeking an authentic taste of Asia in the heart of Mumbai.

A hallmark of the design is the impressive and artfully crafted hand-carved wooden feature wall that gracefully frames an extended seating area. This inviting space is adorned with a warm and inviting fusion of rich, deep red leather and natural cane, creating a tactile experience that entices guests to relax and enjoy their surroundings. This well-known and visually striking vertical bottle display stands as a testament to the venue’s commitment to creating an unforgettable atmosphere that celebrates the beauty of design and the pleasure of shared experiences.

The material palette for the space artfully combines a rich array of earthy elements, including natural stone, wood, cane, and jute. This warm blend of textures is complemented by a sophisticated color scheme featuring deep shades of grey, brown, and burgundy. The ambiance is further enhanced by the addition of captivating floral artwork and thoughtfully curated Asian-inspired sculptures, imbuing the venue with a sense of cultural richness and heritage.

“Engross yourself in the by experiencing harmony of tradition and modernity of Asian Cuisine. Allow your taste buds to sense the magic of authentic ingredients skillfully combined with delightful veggies and tender meats to create gastronomic bliss.

At Yazu, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of quality, service, and produce. Built on the principles of high-quality consistency, the choicest of preparations will please the voluptuary in you, one dish at a time! Chef Vadim, the head chef at Yazu has been working in the hospitality industry since 22 years and started his culinary journey in Russia where he was born he is a mix of Koran and Japanese. He started his own Japanese cuisine and brings his A grade sushi techniques to Yazu, with whom he launches an all new menu.’ Said Ranbir Nagpal, Founder at Yazu.

To evoke the feel of ancient architecture, the columns throughout the space have been meticulously treated to mimic the appearance of carved stone pillars. In harmony with the ceiling’s intricate patterns, the flooring features a unique in-situ concrete design adorned with captivating flower impressions and inlays, successfully bringing together the various design elements to create a truly immersive and enchanting environment.

The floor’s in-situ concrete is embellished with intricate flower imprints and inlays, thoughtfully mirroring the patterns above and seamlessly tying together the overall design. This exceptional attention to detail creates a mesmerizing atmosphere that heightens the senses and provides the perfect setting for an unparalleled dining experience. To evoke the feel of ancient architecture, the columns throughout the space have been meticulously treated to mimic the appearance of carved stone pillars. In harmony with the ceiling’s intricate patterns, the flooring features a unique in-situ concrete design adorned with captivating flower impressions and inlays, successfully bringing together the various design elements to create a truly immersive and enchanting environment.

The interiors of Yazu, a poetic homage to Asian culture, consciously aim to elevate the immersive experience of the culinary delights that await. The restaurant’s cuisine celebrates the rich tapestry of Pan Asian flavors, taking diners on a delectable journey through the diverse culinary landscapes of the continent. From the fragrant Thai curries to the artfully crafted Japanese sushi, the menu is a harmonious blend of textures and tastes, promising to tantalize the palate and transport guests to the heart of Asia.

Located in the vibrant culinary scene of South Mumbai, Yazu’s commitment to both visual and gastronomic excellence has established it as a must-visit destination for aficionados of Pan Asian cuisine. The thoughtfully designed space, combined with an exceptional menu, offers an unparalleled dining experience that pays tribute to the beauty and diversity of Asian culture.

Developed by renowned restaurant designer Sumessh Menon, the space showcases a thoughtful curation of visual experiences that reflect Japanese culinary traditions. The interiors of Yazu evoke a sense of tranquility and sophistication, featuring elements such as a yuzu-colored glass-wrapped kitchen at the center of the space. The design concept focuses on paying homage to the art of Japanese cuisine while maintaining a contemporary and inviting atmosphere.

Sumessh says, “When it comes to designing a restaurant, I believe it is a constant challenge to balance the practical with the desirable and meaningfully design spaces for its intended uses. An effective restaurant design is realized by developing a functional floor plan that provides for smooth and timely service from the operational side, while delivering an equally enjoyable dining experience for customers. Yazu has been consciously designed as a sublime poetic ode to the Asian culture that enhances the immersive experience of its culinary delights.”

Sumessh further adds, “The design style of the space is ‘earthy’ and ‘biophilic’. This is seen in the texturally layered material palette around the space.”

The Yazu menu has a wide variety of dishes, few of them mentioned, Nigiri Sushi, Poke Bowl, Taiwanese Baos, and Cantonese Cheung Fung. Japanese Carpaccio is also available. To be honest, the large food choice is very amazing, 30 pages of choices.

Our menu development was led by research, allowing us to build a culinary offering that connects with our target demographic while also providing a great dining experience.

Nagpal explained, “To cater to local tastes, Yazu collaborates with local chefs and engages with the community, infusing regional influences into its offerings. This meticulous approach, overseen by the culinary team, guarantees that each Yazu outlet delivers a memorable dining experience while honouring the flavours of the location.”

Its time to commence the sumo feast, I ordered the Sake Sashimi which is a delectable Japanese delicacy, slices of fresh, raw salmon, meticulously prepared and beautifully presented in the traditional sashimi style. The dish’s name combines “sake,” the Japanese term for salmon, and “sashimi,” a style of preparing fresh seafood by cutting it into thin, delicate slices. Sake Sashimi offered a rich, buttery flavor that paired exquisitely with soy sauce and wasabi, providing a delightful and sophisticated culinary experience, showcased the natural flavors of high-quality salmon, making it a favorite among sushi enthusiasts and a testament to the artistry of Japanese cuisine.

Sake Sashimi offered a rich and buttery palate experience, with the natural flavors of fresh, high-quality salmon taking center stage. Each delicate slice melts in your mouth, revealing the fish’s tender texture and subtle sweetness. The accompanying soy sauce and wasabi enhance the dish’s sophistication, adding depth and contrast to the overall taste profile.

Yazu boasts an impressive bar menu that showcases an exceptional variety of their signature spirits, tonics, and expertly crafted cocktails. The meticulously curated selection offers guests a unique opportunity to explore and indulge in an unparalleled range of libations, each one perfectly complementing the restaurant’s distinctive Pan Asian cuisine. Whether you’re seeking a refreshing tonic or a sophisticated cocktail, Yazu’s bar menu is guaranteed to satisfy even the most discerning palates.

So to pair with the sushi/sashimi, I start with the fist cocktail, the Kanpai – Gin, black argentinian cherries, starfruit, protein wash. With these ingredients, it sounded a complex and unique cocktail, but with a mix of sweet, tart, and earthy flavors. The addition of protein wash provided the creamy texture, which made for an interesting mouthfeel. Overall, it was superb and a creative and experimental cocktail to taste.

Having Hibiki Master Select 43% – Japanese malt with Sake Nigiri, offered a delicate and enjoyable palate experience that highlights the freshness of its two primary components: rice and salmon. The bite, the first sensation is the slight resistance of the hand-pressed sushi rice, followed by its tender and slightly sticky texture, provided the subtle sweetness and tanginess that serve as a pleasant backdrop for the main attraction: the fresh salmon. As you continue to chew, the flavors of the salmon come to the forefront. The fish has a rich, buttery texture that practically melts in your mouth. Its taste is a delightful balance of savory and subtly sweet, with a hint of the sea.

Depending on the preparation, the wasabi placed between the rice and salmon adds a sharp and pungent note that contrasts with the mild flavors of the other components. The garnishes, such as scallions or ginger, contribute to a layer of freshness and zing that enhances the overall taste profile. Finally, dipping the sushi in soy sauce adds an umami-rich saltiness that ties all the flavors together, creating a well-rounded palate experience.

Hibiki Master’s Select was a stunner; this sweet and well-balanced expression is guaranteed to surprise you, with fruity sherry flavours and juicy raisins that thrill the tongue.

With a variety of sushis/sashimis and starters, you can pair with specially created exotic cocktails.

Recently the Yazu Nikkei Food Festival, which took place for about a month in early 2024 at Yazu Lower Parel in Mumbai, was all about discovering Peruvian ingredients prepared with Japanese techniques, as part of a unique cuisine known as Nikkei, which combines carefully chosen Peruvian ingredients with Japanese cooking techniques to create a unique dining experience.

Nikkei cuisine was created by Japanese exiles who landed in Peru and incorporated Japanese flavours and culinary skills into traditional local foods as a way to commemorate their history while away from home. It honoured Japanese cuisine’s subtle tastes while also including Peruvian ingredients that are stronger and hotter. The cuisine, which highlights the rich traditions of both nations, is distinguished by delicious ceviches, flavorful tiraditos, and more – a diversity explored in the several courses on the food festival menu.

“Being a new player in this area it’s very important to understand your customers first… pallet, preferences, as well knowledge about the food. The choice that we have in my new menu is basically to understand how guests would react to something that they heard but haven’t tried. That will help me a lot to understand how to introduce more options in different flavours with more exotic products that we use in Korean and Japanese culture. Caring for those memories with love from my grandmother and my mom’s preparation, always keeps me tuned and reminds me to not forget our traditional way of cooking and flavour, and pass on from generation to generation.” said head Chef, Vadim Shin

“The aim is to indulge the foodies and culinary enthusiasts on the lookout for an out-of-the-ordinary gastronomical experience. Traditionally Asian at heart but globally experimentative in spirit, the Yazu menu seeks to amaze and delight your palate” says Gurmeet Arora, Partner at Yazu.

Extensive market research and consumer analysis informed the menu and concept of the new Lower Parel Yazu location. Arora said, “We have conducted extensive rese research to comprehend local dining preferences, trends, and customer expectations.

The grand feast began and extremely hungry, I ordered the exotic dish, Machu Pichu on fire, incidentally the dishes I chose were from the Nikkie food festival –

  1. Machu Picchu on fire (Nikkie food festival)
  2. Nikkei de pescado Ceviche (Nikkei Food festival)
  3. Ala Parilla De Pollo (Nikkei food festival)

Machu Pichuu on Fire” was quite the culinary creation, a unique and a very intriguing combination of ingredients of Yazu’s chef, combining elements of Japanese and Peruvian culinary traditions. Machu Pichuu on Fire” is an exquisite and vibrant fusion dish featuring a tantalizing combination of tender ebi, succulent crab stick, delicate salmon, creamy avocado, spicy jalapeno, briny ikura, flavorful tobiko, and zesty yuzu mayo, all wrapped with luscious tuna to create a symphony of flavors and textures that is both bold and sophisticated.

Flambéing Machu Pichuu with cognac created a mesmerizing visual effect, as the flaming alcohol cascaded over the dish, releasing a burst of warmth and aroma. The cognac, with its rich and nuanced flavor profile, infused the Machu Pichuu with a luxurious sumptuous depth, elevating the dish’s savory undertones and adding a touch of elegance. The addition of cognac not only enhanced the flavor but also added a dramatic flair to the presentation, making Machu Pichuu an even more memorable and enticing dining experience.

Avocado, jalapeño, ikura, tobiko, and spicy yuzu mayo combine to produce a mouthwatering symphony and explosion of flavours and sensations. Creamy avocado, briny ikura, and tobiko caviar provide a sumptuous, umami-rich foundation, while the jalapeño adds a slight strong bite that pairs well with the citrusy, slightly spicy yuzu mayo. These components work together to create a harmonious blend of tastes and sensations, culminating in an appealing, delectable meal that tantalises the palate.

Throughout my life, I have never had the privilege of experiencing such an array of exquisite seafood preparations and flavors, until Yazu entered my culinary journey. Their talented chefs and dedicated team have elevated my appreciation for seafood to unprecedented heights, transforming it into an integral part of my daily diet. The exceptional taste and artistry behind each dish have not only broadened my palate but also fostered a newfound love for seafood that will last a lifetime.

Time for another cocktail and I ordered the Dark Chocolate Mandarin Espresso Martini, it was an indulgent and sophisticated cocktail that harmoniously blends the rich velvety flavors of dark chocolate, robust and bold espresso notes, and citrus. Featured smooth cacao and aromatic coffee-infused vodka, vibrant and zesty mandarin orange triple sec, cold brew coffee, cacao bitters, and a decadent delightful crunch from the dehydrated orange-coated chocolate, this exquisite libation offered a multilayered taste experience that is both complex and satisfying. Each sip invited to savor the bold espresso notes, the velvety chocolate undertones, and the bright, zesty hints of mandarin orange, creating a truly unforgettable and luxurious beverage. The Dark Chocolate Mandarin Espresso Martini tantalized the palate with a symphony of flavors and the overall experience, a decadent and indulgent treat for the senses, perfectly balancing sweet, bitter, and citrusy elements in every sip.

The menu for alcohol/cocktails is about 20 pages, so do choose well with the food to order and your mood. Please do drink responsibly and dont drive home after consuming alcohol.

Ceviche being the star of Peruvian cuisine and the country’s national dish, so it only seems fitting to indulge in the much-loved, traditional Nikkei De Pescado ceviche, I ordered for the Nikkei De Pescado Ceviche, a delightful fusion dish that highlights the flavors and techniques of both Peruvian and Japanese cuisines. The dish featured Yellow Tail fish, which is meticulously cured in a flavorful mixture of coconut-based Yuzu citrus, Grenadine, red Thai chili, garlic, sea grapes, coriander, and ginger juice, creating a vibrant and zesty flavor profile. The tender fish, combined with the tangy and spicy marinade, results in a light and refreshing ceviche that is perfect for seafood enthusiasts seeking a unique and sophisticated dining experience.

The taste of Nikkei De Pescado Ceviche was a harmonious blend of flavors and textures, with each ingredient contributing to the dish’s overall complexity and enjoyment. The tender Yellow Tail fish carries the delicate citrusy notes of Yuzu and the subtle sweetness of Grenadine, which balance the spiciness from the red Thai chili and the light pungency of garlic. The sea grapes add a hint of brininess, akin to a gentle sea breeze, while the coriander introduces an aromatic and fresh element. Underpinning these flavors is the warm and spicy undertones of ginger juice, which ties everything together. The result is a ceviche that is zesty, refreshing, and delightfully nuanced in taste, embodying the essence of Peruvian and Japanese culinary fusion.

‘Yazu is a progressive dinning Pan Asian Supper Club serving world class pan asian food. Yazu was designed & conceptualized with the thoughts of giving the perfect all round experience to a customer making it a perfect destination for every occasion . It caters for all pan asian pallet including a larger section for vegetarian food but it also accommodates to specialize & specific food requirements such as jain and ketto,” said Atul Chopra, partner at Yazu.

Chopra said, “Customers and the local community have embraced the Asian culinary experience, praising the exceptional food quality, inviting ambience, and attentive service. Yazu plans to collaborate with local suppliers and artisans to source ingredients and create a unique dining atmosphere, ensuring freshness, authenticity, and support for the local economy. “We maintain high-quality ingredients and culinary standards, ensuring that every dish meets our stringent criteria. Furthermore, we value customer feedback and and continuously strive to improve based on their suggestions, aiming to to create an unforgettable dining experience at Yazu.

Being a hardcore lover of chicken preparations, I was strongly recommended to have the Ala Parilla De Pollo, a succulent grilled chicken dish that combines the zesty flavors of Latin American cuisine. The chicken is marinated in a blend of lime juice, garlic, cumin, and other spices, resulting in a tangy and savory taste. Once grilled to perfection, Ala Parilla De Pollo offered a delightful dining experience, pairing well with various side dishes and sauces for a truly satisfying meal.

Ala Parilla De Pollo treats the palate to a delightful fusion of tangy and savory, and zesty flavors. The zesty marinade infuses the tender grilled chicken with a rich and appetizing taste, while the grilling process imparts a distinctive smokiness that enhances the overall dining experience. I paired this with burnt garlic fried rice, perfect amplification of tastes.

Yazu restaurant goes above and beyond to cater to diverse dietary preferences, offering distinct Jain and keto menus that provide guests with a wide range of delicious options. Whether you adhere to a Jain lifestyle or follow a ketogenic diet, Yazu ensures that every diner can indulge in their exceptional Pan Asian cuisine without compromising their beliefs or health goals.

YAZU has been honored with winning few awards –

Yazu, Best Pan Asian Cuisine at the Food Connoisseurs India Awards.

Yazu, Pan Asian Supper Club has won the Best Casual-Dine Experience award (Mumbai) at the Food Connoisseurs India awards 2022.

Yazu, Best Fine-Dine Restaurant of the Year at the 11th annual Indian Restaurant Awards 2022 organized by Restaurant India and Franchise India.

Would you try a drink prepared with the world’s hottest pepper while eating sushi? I did try and to construct a basic chili-pepper combination, this drink calls for dried bhut jolokia, often known as ghost pepper. A Bhut Jolokia Mule is made of vodka, ginger, lemon, and a dried bhut jolokia split in the middle or placed on the rim of the glass.. The ghost pepper, also known as bhut jolokia (in Assamese), is an interspecific hybrid chilli pepper grown in northeast India. In 2007, Guinness World Records recognised the ghost pepper as the world’s hottest chilli pepper, 170 times hotter than Tabasco sauce. The ghost chilli is classified at more than one million Scoville Heat Units (SHUs), which much exceeds the quantity of a cayenne.

The ultimate master preparation, the Black Cod Miso, a Japanese-inspired dish featured rich and buttery black cod (also known as sablefish) marinated in a savory-sweet sauce made from miso, sake, mirin, and soy sauce. The fish is broiled until the marinade caramelizes on the surface, creating a flavorful and tender dish that is popular at Nobu restaurants around the world. While traditionally made with black cod, similar fish like salmon or Patagonian toothfish can be used as substitutes to achieve a similar texture and flavor profile.

Black Cod Miso is specially prepared by Chef Vadim and the Black Cod Miso delivered a rich and savory flavor profile with a subtle sweetness and a touch of umami. The marinade perfectly complemented the buttery texture of the fish, creating a complex, flavorful dish that is both elegant and satisfying. The caramelized surface added a delicious, slightly sweet glaze, while the hints of ginger and garlic provide warmth and depth. Overall, Black Cod Miso is a delightful blend of flavors that showcased the best of Japanese cuisine.

Being a malt/whisky drinker, I switched to the Balvenie 12 Double Wood Single Malt Whisky, which definitely pairs well with seafood preparations, all with the above I tasted.

The Balvenie 12 Year Double Wood is a complex and well-balanced Scotch whisky that can make for an interesting pairing with a variety of Pan Asian dishes. Its double maturation process, involving both ex-bourbon barrels and European oak sherry casks, gives it a depth of flavor that can complement and enhance a range of flavors found in Asian cuisine.

The whisky’s notes of caramel, citrus, chocolate, and brown sugar can pair well with savory dishes that have a bit of sweetness, such as teriyaki chicken or Korean bulgogi. The pepper spice can also provide a nice contrast to the richness of many Pan Asian dishes. Overall, the Balvenie 12 Year Double Wood is a versatile whisky that can add depth and complexity to a range of Pan Asian flavors.

Being a hard core lover of dark chocolates, very tempted to order the Keto Dutch Truffle Gateaux. In a Keto Dutch Truffle Gateaux, the main difference that the ingredients used, to make the dessert low-carb, the typical sources of carbohydrates, such as sugar, wheat flour, are replaced with keto-friendly alternatives.

The Keto Dutch Truffle Gateaux was a very rich and decadent chocolate dessert inspired by traditional Dutch pastries, an indulgently heavenly treat. The layers of chocolate cake with truffle filling, surrounded by rich chocolate ganache to enhance its beauty, and even crunchy chocolate glaze for added texture, made it irresistible treat that satisfied both the sweet tooth and the keto lifestyle! Perfect with the Balvenie 12 Double Wood Single Malt Whisky, I added 2 teaspoons onto the Keto Dutch Truffle Gateaux.

Yazu the “Pan Asian Supper Club” is a renowned culinary experience known for its exquisite cuisine and captivating design. This enchanting dining destination offers a fusion of flavors from various Asian regions, creating an unparalleled gastronomic adventure. The meticulously crafted menu features a symphony of dishes inspired by the rich culinary traditions of Asia. From the subtle yet complex flavors of Japan to the spicy dishes of Thailand and the aromatic delicacies of korea, each dish is a testament to the diverse and vibrant flavors of the continent.