At the GDC Privilege Penthouse event hosted by The GLOBAL DIGITAL CLUB, the world’s first decentralized membership club, at the Penthouse on the Palms, the current and potential members, who are HNI’s/UHNI’s, gathered for their monthly meet. The luxurious penthouse with magnificent views of the Palms and Marina, was truly breath-taking and had highly well-known global investors present. Big trends, nice people, great networking – it’s all about GDC. The penthouse events are exclusively for their members and new members induction, and with three companies pitching to these members.

The GLOBAL DIGITAL CLUB is the #1 Digital Networking Club with 

5,000+ HNI’s/UHNI’s Investors and Investment funds, with a total of $500 mn of AUM, and its aim is to make better & brighter decisions in the fast-changing markets. The GLOBAL DIGITAL CLUB unites the global community to develop a green digital economy in the world with the support of U.N. The investments are in projects ranging from AI, WEB3, NFT, Blockchain, Metaverse, etc. The VIP members have access to the Global expansion of networks and income growth through cooperation of existing structures. A team of international analysts / experts + Lawyers and technical specialists diligently go through several stages of review, filtering and accreditation of projects.

Mr. Ilya Churakov – Founder of Global Digital Club

The GLOBAL DIGITAL CLUB is hosting the Global Digital Forum / June 3-5, 2022, Online forum with top global speakers. For more info,

#1 Digital Networking Club Explore. Network. Earn. Repeat.

With regular networking locations and events in Dubai and Worldwide, the VIP members make powerful connections with like-minded people and entrepreneurs. All the top investors and founders are already here, and everything you need to multiply your capital in one place. Get access to the powerful community right now.

Be always on top of the trends and get only the most relevant information in fast-changing world. Get the most trusted source of information – your powerful network of people who have already succeeded and gone through this path.

The GDC Club is preparing a very special niche event on 28 May, 2022 at the Royal Palace, Dubai, The Metaverse for Petrolheads –  OBS World, an introduction.

OBS World is about creating a metaverse that will connect automotive enthusiasts from all around the world. You can drive, race, collect cars, meet like-minded people, do business, and earn money.

The attendees are the Office of the Honorable Sheikh Awad Bin Majrin Bin Sultan, Owners of Porsche Clubs and Communities, Private investors and representatives of investment funds, Business owners and founders of fast-growing startups, and Representatives from the Major Media Holdings of Dubai.

Networking of the highest level with Global Digital Club, adrenalized.