FanVestor: Platform for Fans to Invest in Their Heroes Gains Traction

Our friend Larry Namer always seems to be in the forefront of coming trends. We recently received this missive from him regarding FanVestor, which enables fans to invest in the various endeavors of their favorite personalities from the entertainment world to the sports world.

Dear Faith,
I am happy to announce that I have moved from an advisory board member in FanVestor to the COO position. While I’m still heading Metan Global and will continue to do so, I found the challenge of getting FanVestor jump started too good to resist. 

The pandemic has caused us all to examine new ways to generate revenue in these crazy times which are likely to change the music business pretty drastically (at least in the near term future). While artists may not be able to tour or play festivals, they can still capitalize on their growing fan base and popularity in many other ways.FanVestor is a platform (web and mobile) that allows sports, esports, film, tv, fashion and art fans to invest in their celebrity heroes’ primary artistic ventures or even with other business ventures outside. Fanvestor can facilitate investments, offering unique experiences or ecommerce. 

When David Bowie wanted to buy back his music from the record company, he issued “Bowie Bonds” and raised $55 million to make that happen. FanVestor can now make this available to today’s music fans in a much easier way. Bowie Bonds relied on accredited investors making it very hard for the average fan to qualify to buy. Recent changes in regulation now make it possible for fans of any artist to invest in their heroes without having to be accredited investors. This has opened up new investment opportunities for fans for as little as $10.

FanVestor can connect brands and celebrities to finance projects of all sorts. Currently, we are working on helping a major sports star start a skincare line. Also, a celebrity backed real estate project to raise money to build low income housing and job training facilities in a reborn East Coast city. Yet, another project is working to help a renowned artist in the U.S. expand his brand to Europe and Asia. The Jonas Brothers didn’t want to attract investment but rather raise money for COVID relief funds. FanVestor can easily make that happen. The possibilities are almost endless. 

This is not a dream, but rather a fully functional digital platform that is operational today. It is accessible via online or by app on your cell phone (iOS and Android).

Indeed, celebrities now have an opportunity, leveraging sophisticated technology, to bring fans into their business plans, extended product lines and charitable causes — creating greater interaction, engagement and ownership. Whether it is investing in a celebrity’s company or project, raising money for their charities, offering unique experiences and perks, or providing limited edition products to fans, FanVestor is a one-stop shop, and will grow with you no matter what stage you are in. 


Larry Namer
+1 310 734 2221
Los Angeles ・New York ・San Francisco