Ladies and Gentlemen: Introducing BEAUTYKWEEN!

FVM Global recently interviewed Larry Namer, founder of E! and CEO of world entertainment powerhouse Metan Global Entertainment Group, about the formation and purpose of BEAUTYKWEEN.

How would you describe this new project?

I’m going to let Mister D, the CEO of this enterprise, answer that: “We have unleashed a cyber beauty world that makeup junkies will live for from the time they wake up to the time they go to sleep. BEAUTYKWEEN is a virtual beauty club and is members-only but it’s always free and it’s always FUN!”

Who do you see as an audience for this project?

I’m going to let Richie Rich, Fashion Director of Beautykween, answer that one: “Everyone that has a star inside them, rules their own world, rides their own wave, and wants to hop aboard our rainbow! Join our club and you shall be the biggest superfan in all of the beauty world!”

Okay, Larry, now that we have heard from the other principals in this project, just how and why did you get personally involved?

How could I not? A new makeup venue for the youth generation, presented with a pop culture style within an entertainment perspective, was not out there, and, in my opinion, was very much needed, so this project spoke to me! Makeup is clearly a very relevant item in today’s world and I think its big fans are underserved. I have always been fascinated by the driving forces behind pop culture and knew that with Mister D’s knowledge of those areas and his proven track record, coupled with my ways of broadcasting relevant entertainment within the pop culture milieu, we could bring to market not just something special, but also something very much sought after as well as needed. The makeup superfans are already going wild for it and we could not be any more thrilled! Since I have always been about “giving voice” to niche audiences that traditional media ignored, we decided to launch BEAUTYKWEEN. Mister D knew that Richie Rich, who has a very “glamorous” background and is well known to our prospective audience, would be the ringmaster that our club members would love. We are going above and beyond to make sure BEAUTYKWEEN  stays both true to its mission and genuine to our superfans.

As someone who has always sensed new directions in media, what do you see developing here, Larry?

I think BEAUTYKWEEN will become the new voice of pop culture (or at least a sizeable part of it) and provide a comfortable meeting place for like-minded fans. It is sort of what the Mickey Mouse Club was to my generation. After school, I would always watch it, never knowing exactly what would be on the show that day. That uncertainty only added to my anticipation and excitement for the program. I just felt as if I were part of the Club and wanted to spend time every day with those folks. I feel that BEAUTYKWEEN will engender the same feelings among its fans.

What are the possibilities for this project?

I will let the ebullient Richie Rich answer that one as well: “Come one, come all! BEAUTYKWEEN is a magical, makeup fantasy and all our dreams and yours will come true behind our glittery, glossy, sparkling, cyber club doors! Join BEAUTYKWEEN!”

We at FVM Global visited BEAUTYKWEEN on the internet and discovered a potential powerhouse site for all things makeup. The site projects a kaleidoscope of pop culture and simply envelops the viewer in au courant trends of makeup. It will expose you to new and useful makeup products in the context of interviews, entertainment, demonstrations, and tutorials, all of which will be presented digitally and virtually in an inconceivably glamorous and glitzy fashion. The tutorials will feature the likes of Lady Gaga, Boy George, Naomi Campbell, and other A-List personalities and will be both entertaining and informing. Fashion designer and television personality Richie Rich was also a regular on the exclusive New York City nightlife scene and so seems a perfect host and coordinator for all these happenings on BEAUTYKWEEN. Now, according to Rich, everyone on the planet is able to experience the magic of beauty and makeup through the site. If you are ready for a wild and personally transformative ride into the creative and artistic world of beauty and makeup, get your free ticket on the BEAUTYKWEEN express! (BEAUTYKWEEN launches in January, but you can still visit the site beforehand and sign up: