Nicolas Ghesquière, who started a ten-year journey with Louis Vuitton, looks back on the experience, using imagination to follow memory. Memories appear as a stratum of feelings, reflections, and allusions in this investigation of introspection.

A unique collection, honoured the decade of fashion while falling within the seasonally of Fall-Winter 2024–2025. Following one’s own North Star, the indispensable compass for the inquisitive traveller, is crucial to staying on the correct path on this creative voyage. A North Star of style that illuminates the path and points the way in the proper direction. Here, it guarantees the consistency of a lexicon amassed over a decade as the designer explores many perspectives through his own intertextuality.

Louis Vuitton had a presentation of the Nicolas Ghesquière Women’s Fall-Winter 2024 Collection at the Cour Carrée du Louvre in Paris on March 5, 2024. With more than 4,000 attendees, this edition was the biggest to date.

James Chinlund, the film production designer, and artist Philippe Parreno worked together to develop the set design. The central composition piece of the set was a multi-layered lighting installation called North Star that hung from the top of the pavilion. The show’s subject was established by an earlier quotation from Ghesquière, “the curious traveler’s essential compass.”

Nicolas Ghesquière’s newest collection affirms the striking allure of the modern feminine form while weaving a fresh tale and evoking nostalgia through his hallmark style guidelines.

To commemorate his 10 years leading the French fashion brand, Nicolas Ghesquière on an introspective trip, delving into the archives to envision the future, while Louis Vuitton’s autumn/winter 2024 collection drew influence from the past.

The interior of the pavilion was bright and nearly white, making a striking contrast to the surrounding gloom. The performance’s ambiance was effortlessly infused with the cool Parisian night thanks to the glass façades. The pavilion was divided diagonally by the main catwalk, resulting in triangle-shaped sitting areas.

The structure emanated a chilly white light at the start of the performance, then warmed up progressively as it flickered, pulsed, and dimmed. As a result, Nicolas Becker’s soundtrack was matched with a surrealistic world made of light. The catwalk’s course was illuminated by little stars strewn across the area, which were connected to the centre star to determine its orientation. The stars imitated fireworks to celebrate the creative director’s accomplishment at the maison at the end of the show.

Every new look in the collection had nostalgic nods to previous designs, giving viewers a visual journey through Ghesquière’s tenure at Louis Vuitton. For instance, the classic Louis Vuitton logo trunk, which has a deep and nearly 170-year history, was transformed into an abstract design for a graphic little dress. Simultaneously, a tangible energy was emanating from glittering sequins, signifying the brand’s unwavering progress: “A stylish North Star that guides and illuminates the path,” as the show notes put it.

Actress Jung Hoyeon, who is nominated for an Emmy, introduced the event. Felix, a K-pop sensation and part of the band Stray Kids, had his runway debut.

The exhibition  which redefined time and space, alternated between silver and bronze, white and black, and electrified with flashes of colour. The Maison’s expertise shone once more through its embroidered leather products. Soft leathers and reflective materials complemented the flow of the shapes, which frequently had architectural shoulders. Gowns covering their faces and hands covered in gloves, Louis Vuitton ladies entered the future.

From the front row were countless friends of Louis Vuitton, the loyal supporters, which included Cate Blanchett, Sophie Turner, Emma Stone, Jennifer Connelly, Gemma Chan, Léa Seydoux, Saoirse Ronan, Ana de Armas, Sarah Paulson and Catherine Deneuve.