According to Creative director Nadège Vanhee, the autumn Hermès collection was devoted to motorcycles and horses, “two riding sports.” Although she personally thinks that a bike is “safe,” she enjoyed examining the comparable themes. If she hadn’t been wearing such body-conscious leather clothing, you could say she let go.

A city vitality, the equestrian grace of a motorcyclist who gets a rush from the rain’s thrum. a motorcyclist who has switched from a horse saddle to a motorbike seat, the super adrenaline rush. The possibilities of leather are reimagined with a riding jacket and biker boots, and zips allow for flexibility of movement. The urban attire of a lady determined to rule the city.

The scene from the green meadow last season was changed on the set. The runway of today was sleek and black, resembling the damp streets of midnight scenes in movies, with metal grates extending the entire length of it.

The route to the looks is outlined by the sun’s reflection from the damp ground in the late afternoon light. The sound of rain inside the la Garde républicaine, their show residence in recent history, gently awakens the senses.

Creative director Nadège Vanhee drew inspiration for her collection, The Rider, from the fashionable women who frequented the rain-soaked city streets. A range of chocolate brown leather items, including cropped jackets, fitted pants, exposed zippered skirts up to the knees and stylish trench coats with belts were on display as the show began. Frame each frame, Vanhe captured the woman in motion, capturing “moments of movement, forever frozen in a flash.” calling a cab. examining her timepiece. Stomping on puddles on an island. The programme notes state, “tightening the ripcords on rainwear, buckleling an overcoat.” The collection featured a lot of all-black pieces, buttery yellows, and satisfyingly seasonally suitable greige.

Vanhee’s Bikeuse Équestre constructs her ensembles from the ground up: flat knee-high moto boots with side zips go well with skirts and dresses, while pointy-toe cowboy boots go well with cropped and flared stretch leather pants.

From start to finish, there was high-end leather outerwear: fitting equestrian jackets, cabans with shaved shearling shawl collars, jackets with rounded shoulders and sleeves, and, most remarkably, one adorned with shiny ostrich feathers.

Glossy leathers with metallic accents. A jacket’s shapes are followed by zips, and the intersection of leather and metal structures the suppleness of the knits. Studded lambskin bands also follow the geometry of the body.
A form-fitting bomber jacket with a high waist, paired with bootcut trousers. A coat with a belt, a jumpsuit with a biker vibe, and durable protection for hitting the streets.

The elasticity of a trench coat that takes on a new form, toying with lengths and fabrics; a double-breasted overcoat; the well-known lines of a riding jacket—urban style twisting stereotypes.

The leather pencil skirts and leggings with slits on the side or central front, one with tiny silver studs framing the edges, were the sexiest parts. Seeing Vanhee venture into such overtly sexual terrain is thrilling, since she has always operated in more decorous areas. However, it will be simpler to ride a horse or a motorbike in the silk dresses with smocked waists that are softly patterned and delicately studded.

Perfectly paired with knit and fur textures, leather was used to create coats, jackets, skirts, pants and sweaters. The accessories included thick ring bands, basic yet elegant belts, the renowned Kelly and Birkin bags, and the long, all-terrain boots that epitomise the Hermès female.

There were three cherry red glances that were almost so vivid, they practically gleamed, for the more talkative luxury aficionados. The two fluffy coats had an equally powerful effect.

Models stomped boldly through the puddles in a spectrum of Vanhée’s neutrals, including burgundy, butter yellow, taupe, and vivid red, to the tune of Romeo Void’s 1981 song “Never Say Never.” A dash of fake rain that dropped from the ceiling provided a sobering dose of reality to balance all those glossy leathers.

GB Bajaj’s view – The subtle elegance of previous seasons is forgotten. Hermès throws a surprise this year with a collection that embodies the essence of an adventurous motorbike girl. Imagine models dressed in tight leggings and form-fitting skirts, turned into the pinnacle of urban chic, and prancing down the runway. These shapes embrace the curves with a fearlessness that verges on provocative; they are no shrinking violets.

The twist is that there’s more to the fascination than just plain sex appeal. A subtle undertone of menace and a “don’t mess with me” mentality are added by the collection.  Imagine svelte, shimmering leather coats with metallic accents that shine like well-polished armour. Zips become a reoccurring theme, offering a hint of disobedience and mobility.

This is a total makeover, not simply a change of clothes. The models perfectly capture the essence of the collection, which is an alluring fusion of bold confidence and seductive strength. These aren’t helpless ladies; rather, they’re fearless, daring ladies prepared to take over the city according to their own plans.