Poetry Corner: Poems Part One

1. When you look into her eyes, It’s like looking into her soul, You can see every tear shed,You can hear every scream yelled,You can feel her heart break,And you can hear it shatter,

When he said that he never loved her.

2. She reads this book

Like her life depends on it.

She’s attached to its characters

As if she was a part of it.

She will remember its impact

On her for the rest of her days.

She will cherish the life lessons she learned,

Until her hair turns gray

And she can no longer think straight.

3. Here’s to the ones that broke me, To the ones that shattered me, 

That killed and destroyed me.

But here’s to me for being my own biggest enemy.

Those are grom POEMS: PART II

1. How can you end up being —

Something I miss?

How can your name end up —

Like a bruise on my lips?

I never thought it’d turn out like this,

I keep reliving our last kiss. 

The way your eyes reminded me 

Of an oceanic abyss. 

Even in our past crisis,

I never thought we’d end up like this…

2. They say it’s just in my mind, 

I’m dealing with chronic depression, 

And I don’t know why  

I didn’t ask to be born,

But somehow, I have to pay,

Every single day. 

Fighting from morning to evening

Against a mental illness

I’m not even controlling

3. I used to wait for my demons to come.

I thought they could teach me a lesson.

It was to run.

No matter the directions,

Or the questions.

“Run. Just run.”

4. You left your kisses like bruises on my lips.

I find myself retracing your fingertips.

Dark eyes, brown skin,

Let me breathe you in.

What have you done to me?

I cannot stop overthinking your every word.

Or reliving the way you look at me.

My mind is blurred.

God, it’s absurd.