At the private event of the soft launch of the OurVerse Prebeta Version/ V-verse platform, held at the luxurious Grand Hyatt Dubai Convention Center, Christopher Quet, CEO at OurVerse, said “the technological gap that creates digital divide and imbalance of opportunity across the globe is an elephant in the room that must be addressed”.

Christopher Quet – CEO at OurVerse

Christopher Quet further added, “Leveraging the possibilities of metaverse and in-house tech solutions, OurVerse takes a bold approach to tackling digital inequality by breaking the barriers of physical and social limitations to empower the public domain with equal opportunities for everyone”.

Mr. Omrei Abumadi – CTO of Ourverse gave a preview of the forthcoming Ourverse metaverse was shown, with many rich immersive features, luxury cars like the Rolls Royce could be purchased and drive around the city, do shopping, etc, excellent metaverse and provided the technicalities of the metaverse platform..

Mr. Omrei Abumadi – CTO of Ourverse

Immersive virtual world where one can build, own, grow, study, and trade from four corners of the world: OurVerse is building a universal platform with a stack of digital solutions allowing borderless communication, creativity, and exchange of digital and physical assets or services. Leveraging the partnership with Threefold and its world-wide open-source storage and computing grid, OurVerse is set to decentralize ownership and distribute governance in a sprint stride to shaping the future of the next-gen Internet.

Unlike the game-like metaverse attempts made to date, OurVerse is a high-resolution virtual extension of the material world, rather than its alternative. While imitating the feel of the real world, OurVerse allows for creation of an all-new social and economic system with fair access to education and wealth, boundless partnerships, middleman-free trade and unlimited opportunities for turning the physical world into a better place.

Eric Favre et Alexandre Danton
Christopher Quet, Eric Favre et Alexandre Danton
Alexandre Danton
GB avec Eric Favre et Christopher Quet
GB et Alexandre Danton – Danton Arts Kustoms, Founder
Christopher Quet, co-founder, and CEO at virtual world builder OurVerse avec Eric Favre, founder of EFAE, Eric Favre Art Editions.