Cinco’s pharaonic stage, ancient Egyptian mythology, sphinx, hieroglyphic decoration with style, and appeared the enchanting models, opulently adorned in his artisanal collection, captured the Ancient Egyptian Mythology, mesmerized the guests with the eclectic and exotic creations.

Cinco said, “The collection is inspired by the ancient history of Egypt. It’s inspired by the beautiful culture, the pyramids, and the history of Cleopatra and Mark Antony.”

The guests went into a hypnotic and arrested mood, as a cast spell on all, Queen Nefertiti was reinvigorated, adorned in a 3 metre robe, accentuated the curves, handmade with intricate thread work, embellished with glistening with streams of delicate beads. Filipino designer Michael Cinco show for the spring/summer 2023 show at Arab Fashion Week at Dubai Design District was just phenomenal.

Nefertiti is the symbol of beauty and feminine power, as her name means ‘a beautiful woman has come and Michael Cinco has cast a spell on all the women empowerment believers.

The men’s collection, art deco-style geometry fluid kaftan, blouson jacket and sharp-shouldered suits and a unique squarish top adorned with luxurious linear patterns.

One distinctive male model, dressed in sharp-cut trouser, paired to  a full ruffled tulle jacket, adorned with a golden breastplate, exuding attack gutsy mode, and as customary of Cinco, the gowns were given a new twist under silken overcoats.

The distinctive attractive womenswear, shimmering gown with floor-length sleeves, with gold adornments, stripes, just perfect body fit silhouette, with great sweeps of tulle pleated into blooms and stitched across a neckline, or blue feathers made into a full, flowing train.

A model wore a specific gold lame mini dress suited with a frilled train, very retro and long beaded opera gloves. The other adorned with a huge beaded crinoline skirt and caged bustier, very intricate and meticulously crafted.

The couturier, Michael Cinco has designed creations for international celebrities including Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey, Beyonce Knowles, Rihanna and Bollywood star Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.