Going down to Eden, yeah brother
Going back to Eden, yes sister

Going to where the sun will always shine
From the orange breach of daylight
To the soft pink glow of dusk
One to another and back again
Never a serious threat in the sky
Layers of warmth rolling out instead of clouds
Bubbling springs and crystal clear lakes
Perfect beaches enticing you to stay 
Where your Mother’s kisses are real once more
And the hugs of your Father ever on call
Those infectious smiles of loved ones
The way they were at their best
The tranquility of the Mesr Desert
The majestic crashing under Victoria Falls
An arm’s length reach to the Eiffel Tower
Or the greeting of African penguins on Boulder Beach
As we walk like gladiators into The Coliseum
The visage of conquering matadors
A troubadour, an avatar, the presence of gods in chariots
The glorious full pantheon of Olympus or Valhalla
It’s a virtual dream machine
A fantastic and glorious scene
Your angst shed faster than a chilling sweat
Bliss becoming the mantra of forever
And shadows turning into indelible photo trails
Leading to a renewed and cherished recollection
Fine silks, champagne and caviars
Once so far away like shooting stars
Now come close in any direction you go
Remember to greet your friends and fans
Grab a rose from the eternal bush
Fruits off no longer forbidden trees
Branches that sing as you arc them downwards
And climb up to touch the velvets of heaven
Never worrying you just could fall
Though you wouldn’t be hurt even if you did
For the freshly painted wings of butterflies
And the gossamer nets of Nature
Will surely prop you upright or ease your landing
Like the gymnast bouncing back for applause
When everything is set timeless
A place where the wind no longer blows
A fateful journey that never really ends
Leading you far away from the biting snows
Imploring you to take the hand stretched out by your side
Your lover, a teacher, the saint
There’s no going back, there’s no need to
Nor to ever step being fearful or faint
The tsunami doesn’t threaten your welfare
Dark eyes that were hidden reveal to be kind
Beside the golden road leading back to the Garden
Just beyond a moss covered sign whispering Eden.

Going down to Eden, yeah people
We’re going to the garden, all together, right now!

Gerald D. Pallay
December 2, 2022